HPI Nitro Star G3.0 Engine With Pullstart 1/10

Brands Hpi racing
Product Code: 01577
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Pulverize the competition with this amazingly fast, durable and easy to adjust engine! Using the latest technology and construction techniques, this is the standard powerplant for the Firestorm stadium truck!

  • Glow Plug: R5 (use HPI #1504)
  • Displacement: 3.01cc
  • Bore: 16.8mm
  • Stroke: 13.6mm
  • Maximum Horse Power: 2.2PS(2.17hp)/ 31,000rpm
  • Maximum RPM: 32,000rpm Head Gasket: x3 0.2mm
  • Carburetor: F2 Composite 6.5mm


Please note: This engine is an ideal upgrade for the MT2, to fit this engine in a MT2 you will reqiure engine mount 86000

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