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Our love for scales modelling has led us to establish CarModels and share our passion with you. We choose for you high quality products at reasonable prices. The car or the yacht of your dreams, the tires you were looking for, the engines and the fuels you need, all these are available in our e-shop, a new efficient and easy-to-use environment, containing the best brands of the products you are looking for, always in co-operation with the international brand names of the market. In 2018, our company became an OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE FOR GREECE of the ARGUS products and engines, an affiliated firm of ALPHA. We are very proud that an ordinary hobbyist can acquire the ARGUS products at reasonable prices.

Making e-shopping a unique experience.

We are ready to facilitate your purchases and cover every need of yours with easy-to-make orders, a variety of secure paying methods (cooperation with almost every bank, payments via PayPal) and instant shipping.

Research is a true obsession for us!

New offers and suggestions will frequently be available for you in CarModels. With constant updates and expertise in new models, we set our excellent service and your satisfaction as our priority, so we search and find the best product at the fairest price for you every day. Our aim is you to acquire your own authentic style by creating a unique model.
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