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Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο

The T4F 2021 is based off of the T4 2020 all-wheel drive touring car and features an all-new mid-motor layout, meaning Xray have dropped the former front motor layout for the nowadays more common mid-motor design. It also means the FWD car shares about 90 percent of parts with its 4WD family member, making stocking parts a lot easier. As for the design, the T4F 2021 features an all-new central drivetrain that moves the motor and layshaft to the centre of the car to improve on/off power stability and to generate more traction.

    All-new FWD platform based on the T4’20
    All-new drivetrain layout with centralised motor position
    Central layshaft location for more consistent on-power/off-power balance
    All-new motor position in front of the layshaft for the improved weight balance for FWD class
    Super narrow top shaft utilises new 20T pulleys and pressed-in ball bearings to minimise space requirements
    Narrow suspension holders and longer arms improve traction and corner speed
    All-new 7mm longer suspension arms feature two shock mounting locations; the lower position combined with ULP shock towers reduce chassis roll and improve stability in high traction conditions
    All-new super low anti-roll bar mounts and new compact linkage components helps lower the vehicle CG
    All-new redesigned anti-roll bar system features new front bars, smaller bushings and shorter ball joints designed for the new low CG mounting locations
    All-new symmetrical top deck shape provides clearance around new central drivetrain pieces while maintaining even side to side chassis flex characteristics
    All-new central motor mount positioned directly on chassis centreline for consistent chassis flex
    All-new black anodised lower bulkheads are moved 1mm inward to increase clearance for new long arm suspension geometry
    All-new narrowed upper clamps to match lower bulkheads and integrate with new shock towers
    All-new lighter graphite floating servo holder and taller servo posts redesigned to work with new suspension and driveline geometry
    Compatible with most T4’20 spares and option parts

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