KYOSHO Belt Crawler unit Catappi Mini-Z 4X4 MX01 (2pcs)

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By replacing the tires that are installed as standard on the MINI-Z 4x4 with the "Belt Crawler Unit Catappi", the field of play will be overwhelmingly expanded. The belt has a full-scale structure that connects high-precision molded shoes with stainless steel pins. The belt itself does not stretch very much, preventing the belt from coming off while driving. In addition, the mechanism by which the unit itself swings improves the ability to overcome large steps and follow various rough roads. Comes with a soft material "grip plate" and sharp "spike parts". By installing these, the road surface that can be driven will be further expanded. Since the sprocket diameter is 24 mm compared to the standard tire diameter of 37/42 mm, it becomes a lower geared and can be tenaciously cleared even in rocky areas with extremely high slopes. After assembling the belt crawler unit, it can be changed as if changing tires. Two sets are required to replace the four wheels.

    For: Kyosho Mini-Z 4x4

    Material: Rubber / Metal

    Color: Black

    Can be installed with a single screw after assembly (Assembly KIT)

    Supports road surface types that cannot be driven with tires

    Flexible control of the rotation of the unit itself

    Design that makes it difficult for the belt to come off

    Approach angle, clearance angle, Improved road clearance, trackability, and grip

    2 pieces <2 sets are required for 1 vehicle (4 wheels)>

    Compatible with all MINI-Z 4x4 models

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