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ARGUS 21K3 EVO.21 3P Pre Broken-in Off-road Racing Vehicle Engine


Displacement     3.45cc
Bore     16.30mm
Stroke     16.80mm
Weight     350g
Ports     3 Ports
Sleeve     ABC
Crankshaft Diam     14mm Diameter
Glow Plug Type     Standard
Exhaust     Rear
Case Material     Aluminum

.Instructions for Use:

K3 EVO is a pre-run-in engine. After opening the package, you only need to spend about 2-4 barrels of fuel (250-500cc) on the fuel tank of the car, and first use 30-80% of the throttle, and then slowly full speed The accelerator is used to run this 2-4 barrels of fuel (on the car's fuel tank). This process can be completed on the ground of the parking lot. After running 2-4 barrels of fuel (on the car's fuel tank), this engine can be used to go on the field up
.The ceramic-coated back cover and three-oil needle carburetor are designed to be more precise and easy to adjust, and to improve the atomization efficiency in order to provide more torque. Dynamically balanced crankshafts. Fuel mileage, a more stable engine, and the heat sink has a stable and predictable low center of gravity
.The cylinder is an aluminum alloy piston with a brass cylinder and a high-strength connecting rod design to effectively improve life. The scavenged cylinder liner has a linear power sense and low fuel consumption. The industrially polished cylinder can improve the power quality.
.The piston connecting rod is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material. After being selected by the engineer, it has more durability and maintains the lightweight performance of the previous K3. It is almost double the endurance and the reliability of the engine.
.The new high-precision ceramic Palin reduces the resistance of rotation, increases the engine speed and reduces fuel consumption, ensuring the stability of idle speed and low friction at high temperature and high speed; the hollow piston tip is used to reduce weight, use high The specifications of the material can also make the piston tip lighter, and the lighter piston tip can make the engine run faster
.The engine body is hand-selected. One is within the tolerance range of the ideal range. The appearance of the cloth fins and the black-painted engine body make the cooling performance more excellent. It is made by special hardening treatment and precision cutting processing.
.The crankshaft is made of dynamically balanced crankshaft counterweights and selected high-quality steels. The air inlet is enlarged to improve the efficiency of the mixture entering the crankshaft. The shaft uses a special shape to increase stability in the crankcase.
.For Age: 14 years old and above

.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal
.Displacement: 3.49cc
.Speed: 38800rpm
.Crankshaft: 14mm diameter
.Spark Plug: pressurized cold spark plug
.Exhaust Method: Rear
.Carburetion Needle: 3 oil needles
.Carburetor Diameter: 8.8mm
.Product Weight: 361g
.Package Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 10cm
.Package Weight: 450g
.Packing: Box


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